WWE SmackDown Results – May 29 – Sheamus Wins & Face Daniel Bryan

WWE Smackdown Results – May 29: WWE SmackDown rolls on and now we have ourselves a battle royal to figure out who will face Daniel Bryan for a took shots at the Intercontinental Championship. It incorporates Sheamus, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Jey Uso, Shorty G, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, and Drew Gulak.

WWE SmackDown Battle Royal Results May 29 - Sheamus Wins & Face Daniel Bryan
WWE SmackDown Battle Royal Results – May 29 | Image: WWE

Battle Royal For A Slot In The IC Title Tournament

The battle royal begins! Gran Metalik strolls over a couple of shoulders to splash Shinsuke! Cesaro trying to dump Lince, bombs on two attempts. Gulak is trying to guillotine Shinsuke over the top rope however Cesaro makes the spare. Dolph with his first of I’m certain many closes misses when Metalik tries to dump him. Gulak attempting to toss Cesaro over.

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Sheamus for reasons unknown ends up yelling at Michael Cole amongst all the brawling and nearly gets tossed as a result of it. Lince gets taken to the apron, roundhouse kick to the face yet Corbin forestalls a springboard with a right hand that sends him to the floor! Lince Dorado has been eliminated. Gulak tries to knock Corbin off the apron however he blocks it, superstars him, and afterward pulls him over the top for the end! Drew Gulak has been eliminated.

Shinsuke charges, Shorty G avoids him and sends him to the corner! Cesaro needs to dump Jey Uso however he survives. Corbin and Ziggler double team Gran Metalik however he stops that with a handspring back elbow to both! He leaps off the bottom rope however gets caught out of the air with a Ziggler Superkick, Corbin grabs him and chucks him to the floor! Gran Metalik has been eliminated.

Dolph then tries the double-cross end yet Corbin spots him and Dolph plays it off like a joke. Corbin acts as he trusts him however then when he pivots, he tosses him over the top. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated. Be that as it may, minutes after the fact, Corbin gets dumped himself! King Corbin is presently eliminated!

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As we return, big moves have initiated. Cesaro tries to toss Shorty G yet he makes it to the apron, headlocks he, and slowly manages to wrestle him to the floor! Cesaro has been eliminated! That was perfect. Nakamura fighting with Shorty G now. Shorty ducks both the main kick and the Dragon Whip attempt, grabs him, overhead belly to belly sends him over the top rope! Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.

As the officials are dealing with Nakamura, Cesaro returns to toss Shorty G out and they accept he was decently eliminated. Shorty G has been eliminated. This leaves Sheamus and Jey Uso. Sheamus tries to toss him, Jey fights back with a roundhouse kick. Goes up top, double hatchet handle gets caught however he tosses him to the ropes, big clothesline truly resembles it’s gonna get him to the floor yet Sheamus hangs on! Pleasantly done.

They fight on the apron, Jey with a chop, superkick attempted however Sheamus blocks it and pushes him into the ring post! Brogue Kick sends Jey to the floor and that will be that.

Essentially every WWE battle royal you’ve at any point seen. Which isn’t to state awful just not especially original.