Dave Crist’s Impact Wrestling Status Update

Impact Wrestling star Dave Crist has yet to comment on allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him last week. As noted, Crist has been charged with sending unsolicited photos of himself to a wrestler named Ziggy Haim.

Crist apparently ended up with Impact Wrestling before complaints about him were made, according to PWInsider.com. Several wrestlers indicated that there was a unanimous position against Crist which went so far as to prohibit him from dressing in the Impact’s locker room.

The people of the company believe that Impact has not yet announced its departure, because it could look bad during a pandemic. Whatever the reason, Crist is expected to separate from the Impact Wrestling soon.

Dave Crists Impact Wrestling Status Update
Dave Crists Impact Wrestling Status Update | Image: Bleacherreport

In response to these allegations, Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, issued the following statement:

“It may be a core value of the Anthem organization that we conduct our business with respect and integrity, providing a secure and secure working environment for our employees and our interpreters. We are closely monitoring the various allegations made on social media and let’s all look at incidents involving Impact Wrestling talent and staff to determine an appropriate course of action.”

Source: wrestlinginc