Netflix is dropping another trailer of “Too Hot to Handle” – Love Is Blind

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Too Hot to Handle Trailer – Season 1: On the off chance that there’s been a gap in your heart since Love Is Blind finished, I have a surprise: Netflix is dropping another show, Too Hot to Handle, and it has genuine shades of the blind-dating reality arrangement that took the web by storm.

Too Hot to Handle Love Is Blind

What’s more, I mean this new show is additionally of the truth assortment and focuses on a lot of extremely hot individuals settling on downright terrible decisions. The premise of Too Hot to Handle is basic: A gathering of sexy singles moves into a house together with an opportunity to win $100,000. Yet, here’s the trick: They can’t have any sexual contact with each other. No connecting, no kissing, no nothing. Each time they disrupt this norm, the prize cash sum drops. Consider it like your check card balance following a wild night out. Each subtraction you see just speaks to an idiotic decision you could’ve maintained a strategic distance from.

Look at the Too Hot to Handle trailer for yourself, underneath:

“Your next reality dating fixation has shown up,” Netflix expounded on the show in an official portrayal. “Too Hot to Handle scrutinizes whether these hot singletons can discover passionate association without the sex. On the shores of paradise, beautiful singles meet and blend. However, there’s a twist. To win a $100,000 thousand prize, they’ll need to surrender sex.”

This show is actually the ideal blend of such huge numbers of real works of art. You have the beachy vibes of Bachelor in Paradise and *Love Island, the camera style of Big Brother, the opposition component of The Challenge, and the sudsy dramatization of… every one of those shows. I was beginning to come up short on things to watch during isolation, so Netflix truly came through on this one. How before long do you figure the prize cash will begin dropping? You’ll need to watch and see, yet I anticipate… rapidly.

Too Hot to Handle Trailer released and it debuts on Netflix April 17.

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