Tribute to ‘extraordinary’ mother, actress Shirley Douglas, dead at 86

actress Shirley Douglas

“Early this afternoon my mum, Actress Shirley Douglas, passed on as a result of complications enclosing pneumonia,” Sutherland composed in his Twitter announcement, which makes it clear that her departure wasn’t regarding the coronavirus.

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“My mother was an outstanding woman who lived a joyful and fantastic life. Sadly, she was fighting the health for quite a while and people, being a family group, knew that this day was coming” She also even won a Gemini Award for her performance at the 1999 television film”Shadow Lake.”

The longtime celebrity actress Shirley Douglas was married to actor Donald Sutherland from 1966 together with Rachel, Kiefer, and kiddies. Her granddaughter is “Veep” celebrity Sarah Sutherland, her daddy was former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas, the creator of Canada’s Medicare system. Veteran actress Shirley Douglas has expired at 86 of pneumonia, announced on Twitter Sunday by the son of celebrity Kiefer Sutherland, paying tribute to his own “extraordinary” mother.