This Mini Australian Shepherd Does CrossFit Workouts With Her Owner, Like a Damn Boss

Meet Tesla, the mini Australian Shepherd who’s equipped to become my new personal trainer. On Jan. 10, the 6-year-old pup showed off her CrossFit skills on the @teslatheminiaussie Instagram page, and shortly after went viral on Twitter. “When coach Tesla teaches the class you can’t disappoint đŸ’Ș,” one video’s caption read. Sounds about right!

Tesla accompanies her owner, Timi, to workouts, whether they’re outside or in the gym. In the clips, you can see her jump and roll her way through burpees and prop herself up for wall stands. Can I bottle up that energy to propel me through 2020? Watch the videos above and below to get some serious exercise inspiration. I’ll split sessions with anyone who wants some Tesla training!