Free game Happy Humble Burger Barn is really freaking me out

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Happy Humble Burger Barn:

You have a new job, and the job is working at a fast-food burger place. You do normal things like make burgers and serve fries and drinks and salmon nuggets. Also, everything is absolutely terrifying because it looks like a game from the PS1 era.

Happy Humble Burger Barn is a free “Fast Food Horror Sim” that has some pretty thrilling moments and an oddly captivating aesthetic for a game about burgers.

happy humble burger barn

It’s a game with a specific time and places it’s emulating, a kind of low-grade, lo-fi horror thrill akin to Twin Peaks or your first job in high school.

I quite like it, and I’m looking forward to what else creators Scythe Dev Team comes up with in the future.

Now I’m too scared to take out the trash, which isn’t really that bad honestly. The only downside to this whole thing is that I’ll never look at the grainy, dark textures of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the same way again. You can find Happy’s Humble Burger Barn for free on

Credit: PC Gamer

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