‘Capone’ first trailer: Tom Hardy’s notorious gangster is diseased but deadly in Florida

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Tom Hardy plays Al Capone in "Capone," which dropped its first trailer Wednesday.

Tom Hardy. Capone. Coming May 12.

That’s all writer-director Josh Trank had to tweet Wednesday when revealing the first trailer of his “Capone,” featuring British actor Hardy portraying notorious gangster Al Capone, set for VOD rental May 12.

The trailer for what’s dramatically billed as the “untold final chapter” immediately went viral.

“Capone,” based on true events, focuses on the once-vigorous Chicago mob boss’ life in Miami after he completed an 11-year prison sentence. Still chomping on his cigar, Capone is diseased and in decline.

But even though he is ravaged by syphilis and showing signs of dementia, he is still deadly in the span before his death of cardiac arrest on January 25, 1947, a week after his 48th birthday.

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He still has grand plans. “We made a promise,” Capone says. “One day we wus gonna make it big.”

Not so spoiler alert. Capone ultimately grabs his Tommy gun for a hair-raising, sneering spray kill in the trailer’s final moments.

Available for 48-hour rental, Trank tweeted that the film was planned for a theatrical release before the coronavirus shuttering of theaters last month. “Hopefully will be on the big screen later this year!” he wrote.

 “Capone” also stars Linda Cardellini as wife Mae Capone, Matt Dillon as Karlock and Kyle MacLachlan as Johnny.


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