‘Bad Boys For Life’ Early Streaming Release Date: When Is the Will Smith Movie Available to Watch Online?

Bad Boys For Life: One of the few 2020 movies whose release was not hit by the impact of the coronavirus, Bad Boys For Life is so far the only movie released this year to make over $400 million. The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence vehicle is also the only one of the three movies in the franchise to be rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with a rating of 77%.

For those who missed the movie, and were worried they would be unable to see it for months due to coronavirus closing cinemas across the world, the studio behind the threequel has some good news: Bad Boys For Life has been given an early digital release date, meaning it will soon be available online to stream and download.

Coming to digital stores a few weeks early, Bad Boys For Life will be available to stream from Tuesday, March 31—the same day as the second highest-grossing movie of the year, Sonic the Hedgehog. For viewers who want to watch the movie on DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K Ultra HD, they will have to wait until April 21 for a physical release.

‘Bad Boys For Life’ will be streaming on March 31. Sony Pictures

Among the services where Bad Boys For Life will be available to stream and download are iTunes, Google Play and Prime Video (even though Amazon is still listing its release date as April 20). On most of those services, it is expected to cost $19.99 to buy.

So far, Bad Boys For Life does not have a streaming service release date, and we do not know which streamer the movie will appear on. However, if it lands on the same streaming service as the former two films in the franchise, it should come to Netflix.

Usually, movies come to streaming services about four months after their physical release, so we might expect a Netflix release date sometime in mid-August. Bad Boys and Bad Boys II are also both on The USA Network’s streaming service, so we might also expect the third movie in the series to follow suit.

Bad Boys For Life is not the only movie from this year that has been given an early release date as the studios try to compensate for their loss of earnings following the closure of thousands of cinemas across the world.

Among the other 2020 movies that have been given an early streaming release date are the Vin Diesel-starring Bloodshot, Guy Ritchie movie The Gentlemen, and Elisabeth Moss-starring psychological thriller The Invisible Man.

Bad Boys For Life is released on digital entertainment stores on Tuesday, March 31.

Credit: Newsweek