A Breeder Got Rid Of This Husky Because Of Her “Weird” Eyes But She’s Actually Perfect

Jubilee the dog is a little different. But that might just make her even more lovable.

The four-year-old Siberian husky was given away to a rescue organization by a breeder who didn’t want her anymore. That’s how she ended up at Husky House, a New Jersey rescue that thinks Jubilee is perfectly fine the way she is.

“It was because she looks different and I guess they had just felt they couldn’t sell her,” the non-profit’s creative director, Danielle Lahmeyer, told BuzzFeed News.

Jubilee has a congenital issue with her eyelids, giving her pale blue peepers a permanent, cartoonish look of surprise.

“We’ve taken her to the vet, she’s been thoroughly checked out, it doesn’t infringe on any of her day-to-day activities,” said Lahmeyer.

“She was born this way but she’s a happy, playful dog.”

Lahmeyer said Jubilee is especially willing to be your best friend if you offer a treat.

Jubilee has been with Husky House for almost two years now and still hasn’t found a forever home. Lahmeyer said there’s been some interest during that time, but for one reason or another nothing has worked out.

“She’s a little shy at first and I think people are looking for that exceptionally warm welcome,” she said.

“It would just take a patient family who would understand.”

But things are looking up for Jubilee. On Tuesday, Husky House posted photos of her on their Facebook page and the post now has 40,000 shares.

“It was a very overwhelming response, we are extremely grateful for all of the love and support for her and for the rescue as a whole,” said Lahmeyer.

The comments are full of people eager to adopt Jubilee and saying what a beautiful girl she is.

Jubilee also went viral on Reddit’s r/aww subreddit with the title “This is Jubilee. She just happens to look like bad taxidermy.”

However you want to describe it, everyone agrees that Jubilee is precious and whoever gets her will be a very lucky family. Lahmeyer said Jubilee’s viral stardom has brought in a wave of adoption applications but they’ll all be subject to a stringent process that includes reference checks and a home visit.

Jubilee would probably do well in a home with other dogs. At the rescue, she has two best friends named Rocky and Rosie that she looks for when they’re not around.

“We are doing our very best to find the perfect fit home for her,” said Lahmeyer.

Credit: BuzzFeed News

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