Windows 10 update KB4549951 Causes BSODs and fails to install

The Windows 10 update KB4549951 cumulative update is purportedly neglecting to install and is causing blue screens of death (BSOD) after installation reboots, among different issues, as per client reports.

KB4549951 is a cumulative update with security fixes discharged as a component of this April 2020 Patch Tuesday for Windows 10, variant 1909, and for Windows 10, form 1903.

To install KB4549951, you can either check for updates by means of Windows Update or physically download it for your Windows adaptation from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Administrators can appropriate the update to clients in their venture surroundings by means of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

For clients with programmed updates empowered, installing this cumulative update requires no extra activities.

Microsoft says that they are not at present mindful of any issues with the KB4549951 update as indicated by this Windows support entry.

Windows 10 update KB4549951

Failures of KB4549951 installation

Despite the fact that as a rule there are workarounds to install hazardous updates physically while experiencing mistakes, clients who needed to manage KB4549951 neglecting to install have revealed by means of Microsoft’s official Feedback Hub, on the Microsoft Community site, and by means of Reddit that none of them made a difference.

0x80070bc2, 0x800f0900, 0x80070003, 0x80073701, 0x800f080a, 0x800f0986, and 0x80070002 mistakes while endeavoring to install KB4549951 were spotted and revealed by numerous clients since the cumulative update was discharged by Microsoft on April 14.

“It downloads and installs. During restart, I get msg that it couldn’t install and it reestablishes my PC back to before the update,” one client says on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub. “continue installing on ‎4/‎21/‎2020 – 0x80070003 troubleshooter couldn’t fix the issue.”

Additionally causing BSODs and systems administration issues

In excess of a decent amount of the client reports we saw since KB4549951 was discharged over seven days back are referencing blue screens of death (BSODs) after the framework crashes during the restart that follows the update’s installation procedure. In the majority of these cases, the gadget will reboot and will expel the update all alone.

Windows 10 Update KB4549951, released in the past week, caused a “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH” on PC with the message “BOOT DRIVE INACCESSIBLE“, one report says.

Microsoft Windows 10 update BSOD after CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error

“After 3 framework I reached this resolution and reestablishes, and checking update surveys, uninstalling ongoing updates consecutively on the web. Apparently this particular update causes a framework CRITICAL issue. Shockingly, I can’t stop updates for longer than a month so this is a ticking time-bomb if it’s not fixed!”

Different clients have additionally detailed issues with their Windows 10 gadgets being not able to boot again in the wake of installing the KB4549951 cumulative update.

“While naturally installing KB4549951 (never rebooted) my consummately working PC thrown to the bucket. Attempted programmed fix, all other fix choices including uninstalling the latest update,” one Feedback Hub report says.

“Nothing worked. It was stuck in the BSOD loop, expressing ‘Critical Process Died‘. SrtTrail log expressed, ‘An as of late adjusted boot paired is corrupt.’ So I chose to clean install the Windows once more. Designed C drive, new clean install. Again after programmed update installing KB4549951, the framework slammed and is going into ‘programmed fix’ mode.”

Display issues and freezes when utilizing streaming administrations

Different clients have encountered mixes of numerous mistakes running from their documents being erased, WiFi systems administration, and display issues [1, 2] that, now and again, made their gadgets unusable.

“After installing this update I have had significant issues. BSOD, Wifi network issues, Display connector issues, and a general framework stoppage,” a Feedback Hub report details.”Streaming has gotten unimaginable on any assistance from Netflix to iTunes. The nastiest one is the point at which the display goes into hibernation, the adventurer goes into recuperation mode and I need to restart the entire framework. Upset. when will there be a fix?”

Comparable issues brought about by streaming administrations are supposedly prompting framework freezes as per different reports, with the issues vanishing once the cumulative update is uninstalled.

“Following installing KB4549951 every single streaming assistance (Netflix/Stan/etc) through both Edge and Chrome caused hard freezing the moment any video started playback (even the reviews),” a Feedback Hub reports peruses. “After the playback by means of gaming, program, and recordings on HDD were unaffected the issue was just activated.”

“Following uninstalling KB4549951, delaying updates, and restarting PC, the issue was settled and playback by means of the program was typical. Occasion Viewer shows no critical or sudden occasions outside of the PC being ended erroneously.”

Of course, it’s essential to comprehend that these issues are most presumably influencing a set number of clients and that moving back the update will in all likelihood fix any issues you may be encountering.

Uninstalling KB4549951

On the off chance that the issues you are encountering in the wake of installing this cumulative update are making your Windows gadget unusable and you are eager to expel the security fixes it accompanies, follow the strategy depicted beneath to move back KB4549951.

Microsoft says in the update’s subtleties from the Microsoft Update Catalog that it tends to be evacuated “by choosing View installed updates in the Programs and Features Control Panel.”

The bit by bit methodology expects you to open Control Panel, go to Programs > Programs and Features, and snap-on View installed updates in the left sidebar.

Windows 10 update KB4549951 uninstall

Next, right-click on KB4549951’s entry in the rundown and affirm when inquired as to whether “Would you say you are certain you need to uninstall this update?”. Next, you’ll need to click ‘Yes’ when asked and afterward restart your gadget.

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