SFR Box Fiber or SFR Box 8 Review: Box SFR is it worth to buy or not?

In August 2019, SFR presented its brand new internet box: the SFR Box Fiber or SFR Box 8. Available as an option in the operator’s internet offers, the SFR Box 8 TV box includes a connected speaker. As for the modem, the latter benefits from WiFi 6 AX, the most powerful on the market. Discover the SFR box 8 opinions of the users but also of our experts. And to find out about the SFR premium box from all angles, find our SFR box 8 test.

The SFR Box 8: a focus on technology

With box 8, the operator SFR promises its subscribers a unique experience. This box notably allows you to have access to a WiFi boosted thanks to the new integrated standard, Wifi 6.

SFR Box Fiber or SFR Box 8 in 2020

To make you live a more intense experience, this 4K HDR compatible box offers a cinema image and sound with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. And in addition to an immersive TV experience, the SFR 8 box includes a connected speaker. Another available feature, the voice assistant, the SFR box 8 obeys the sound of your voice.

In terms of design, the SFR Box 8 is made up of two parts: the modem and the TV decoder.

As for the modem, the latter is black in color, with a fairly common aesthetic. The TV decoder, on the other hand, is completely different from what can be found on the market. And for good reason: it is the connected speaker that acts as a television. This TV box has a compact, square, and black look.

The connection of the decoder is reduced to the simplest: an RJ45 Ethernet socket, an HDMI socket, a TNT antenna socket, and finally a USB Type-C port.

What users say about SFR Box 8?

Do you hesitate to choose SFR Box 8? To help you, find out what SFR users think of their Box 8. Feedback from customers and/or former customers allows you to learn more about the quality of the features available with the SFR Box 8. Please note that customer reviews do not fully reflect reality, but they do allow you to find out the strengths and areas for improvement on the SFR Box 8.

SFR Box 8 Review: advantages

After several months of use, the new SFR Box 8 appeals to this operator’s customers, particularly those attracted by its performance.

In terms of TV experience, the SFR Box 8 is positioned as a benchmark on the market by offering quality image and sound. Thanks to 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, customer reviews highlight a high-level TV experience.

Note, however, that to benefit from these technologies, it is essential to have compatible equipment.

Another strong point highlighted on the SFR Box 8 notices, the boosted Wifi. The latest Wifi 6 standard offers users better performance in terms of coverage and speed, even with several devices connected simultaneously.

SFR Box 8 Review: disadvantages

Regarding the areas for improvement identified on SFR Box 8 customer reviews, the lack of connectivity is one of the criticisms expressed by some SFR customers. It is necessary, in fact, to be satisfied with two Ethernet ports on the router, which may prove to be insufficient for certain users.

Another downside noted on consumers’ SFR Box 8 reviews is the price. To take advantage of the SFR Box 8 and its connected speaker, its voice assistant but also its high-performance WiFi, you must add an option to the SFR box subscription.

Previously billed at 5 euros per month, the SFR Box 8 is now available to SFR subscribers for an additional 7 euros per month, regardless of the SFR Box Fiber or ADSL subscription.

It is therefore important to check the compatibility of your equipment and the contributions of this box for your home before increasing your monthly SFR internet bill.

SFR Box 8 Test: what is SFR’s premium box worth?

In addition to the opinions on the SFR Box 8 and the appreciation of our experts, to learn more about the latest equipment offered by the internet provider SFR, discover our SFR box 8 test on the router (Box 8) as well as on the decoder TV (Box 8 TV).

SFR box offers with the SFR Box 8

The SFR Box 8 is not directly included in the SFR offers. This is an option offered to subscribers for € 7 / month. So everyone can benefit from the SFR Box 8, whether you have an entry-level subscription or a Premium box.

1. With OK SFR Box 8 TV, you can directly voice:

  1. turn your TV on and off,
  2. schedule recordings,
  3. Search for TV content.
  4. Smooth TV interface

The SFR Box 8 benefits from the new SFR TV interface. The operator does not hide it, he was largely inspired by SVOD and streaming services like Netflix or Molotov to design its interface. And the result is conclusive: the TV interface is very fluid and practical.


The TV interface of the SFR Box 8 focuses on programs and content. As soon as the decoder is switched on, the SFR Box 8 offers you personalized suggestions based on the content you consume. Access to Replay, TV passes, and VOD is intuitive. The decoder applications are also displayed, such as YouTube, Netflix, the RMC Sports portal, or Canal.

In addition to this portal, users have access to a new SFR TV mobile application, which provides access to the following functionalities:

  1. Live TV
  2. Replay
  3. Video on demand
  4. Recordings
  5. TV guide

SFR TV is available on all your devices: on your online computer, on the Google Playstore, as well as on the App Store.

2. An integrated connected speaker

The SFR Box 8 integrates two speakers within the TV box. Note, however, that unlike its competitor the Freebox Delta, our SFR Box 8 test reveals that the operator’s box in the red square is in no way intended to replace sound equipment. Rather, these speakers are used to interact with voice assistants OK SFR and Alexa. They also have utility in terms of listening to music from a streaming app like Spotify.

SFR Box 8 integrated connected speaker

4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for an immersive SFR Box TV experience
The SFR Box 8 benefits from the latest technologies in terms of visual and sound experience. The box is thus compatible with 4K HDR, which offers images up to 4x sharper than in full HD. It is also Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio compatible, for 3D sound with associated equipment.

SFR has a very varied catalog of 4K content. One finds, in particular, the channels RMC Sport UHD, TF1 UHD, M6 4K. But also the 4K series of Netflix, as well as YouTube.

3. Alexa and OK SFR: your decoder becomes your personal assistant

As we have seen, the two speakers of the SFR Box 8 are not used to replace speakers or sound equipment. However, they make sense with the integration of voice assistants. The SFR Box 8 is equipped with Amazon Alexa, as well as OK SFR.

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa makes it easy to perform many tasks by voice. You can listen to the news, get the weather forecast, check the road traffic conditions, create shopping lists…

Many home automation objects are also compatible with Amazon’s voice assistant. In November 2019, SFR launched its new connected universe SFR HOME. This Connected Home service can, therefore, be controlled by voice command (plugs, bulbs, and cameras connected).

The SFR Box 8 also includes a homemade voice assistant: OK SFR. This allows direct control of the television services of the SFR box.

4. WiFi 6: the most powerful WiFi on the market

The major innovation of the SFR Box 8 is the integration of WiFi 6, also called WiFi AX. To be honest, this is the fastest and most powerful WiFi available today.

WiFi 6 SFR Box Fiber or SFR Box 8 in 2020

Thanks to WiFi 6, your internet connection will be as fast on your device as an Ethernet connection. The range of the WiFi signal is greatly improved, allowing you to receive anywhere in your home

The SFR Box 8 is the only operator box to include WiFi 6! The Livebox 5 and Freebox Delta offer WiFi only 5.

5. SFR Box Fiber Optic: 2 Gb/s shared

The SFR Box 8 is a box designed for Fiber optics. The latter is capable of providing you with speeds of 2 Gb/s shared downhill and 500 Mb / s upstream with Fiber SFR (depending on eligibility and subscribed offer). You can thus multiply your uses by connecting to several, simultaneously, with a speed accessible by device up to 1 Gb/s.

If you are not eligible for Fiber, the SFR Box 8 is also compatible with SFR Box ADSL and VDSL up to 70 Mb/s. And you will benefit in all cases from its ultra-powerful WiFi.

6. What are the characteristics and advantages of the SFR Box?

  • ADSL, VDSL or Fiber optic internet connection
  • Up to 500 Mb/s speed down and up
  • Up to 2 Gb/s shared with the SFR Box 8 downhill
  • 160 TV channels included
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 destinations

7. SFR Fiber/ADSL

SFR Box Fiber or ADSL is the cheapest offer from SFR. Displayed at an advantageous price, the cheap box from SFR is a triple play offer, with the Internet, telephone, and television.

Thanks to the operator’s internet box promotions, this offer is available for only € 15 / month in ADSL and € 15 / month in Fiber optics, during the first 12 months of subscriptions. After this period, the price drops to € 33 / month for ADSL and € 35 / month for Fiber. A 12-month commitment is required.

8. SFR Fiber/ADSL Power

The SFR operator’s intermediate offer is the Powerbox, available in ADSL/VDSL and in Fiber optics. It offers many enhancements on all levels compared to the previous offer, whether on speeds, on television, or on telephony.

The SFR Box Power package is on promotion, you can take advantage of its premium services for € 23 / month in ADSL and € 25 / month in Fiber for 12 months. After 1 year, the price is € 40 / month for ADSL and € 45 / month for Fiber.

With the SFR Box Power, you will benefit from the following services:

  • ADSL, VDSL or Fiber optic internet connection
  • Up to 1 Gb/s speed down and up
  • Up to 2 Gb/s shared with the SFR Box 8 downhill
  • 200 TV channels included
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 destinations and to mobiles from France

9. SFR Fiber/ADSL Premium

For the most demanding, SFR has a Premium internet box. This internet package includes all the services of Box Power and adds many advantages.

The SFR Box Premium offer is displayed at the promotional rate of € 33 / month in ADSL and € 35 / month in Fiber for 12 months. At the end of the first year of subscription, it will cost you 50 € / month in ADSL and 53 € / month in Fiber.

  • ADSL, VDSL or Fiber optic internet connection
  • Up to 1 Gb/s speed down and up
  • Up to 2 Gb/s shared with the SFR Box 8 downhill
  • 210 TV channels included
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 destinations and to mobiles in Europe
  • 1 TB of Cloud storage
  • Premium service: 30 GB 4G key, SFR Security antivirus, technical customer service