Raspberry Pi 4 case: All the ports are on a similar side

Raspberry Pi 4 PCs are little, modest, and low-power. In any case, they’re little to the point that all the ports won’t fit on a similar side, so they will, in general, be spread around the little PC — which links running from the single-board PC can look somewhat chaotic.

The Argon ONE is an aluminum-compound case with a connector board that lets you move small scale HDMI ports, a/v port, and USB-C power input port so they’re on a similar side as the gadget’s different ports.

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In any case, because of an outsider Raspberry Pi 4 case, it’s conceivable to put all the ports on one side.

The case has a removable board that lets you get to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins without removing the PC from the case. And keeping in mind that the aluminum case has a worked in the heat sink to help keep Raspberry Pi 4 PCs cool, there’s additionally a fan that you can use for dynamic cooling.Raspberry Pi 4

I can’t locate the specific components of the Argon ONE case, however, it’s clearly somewhat bigger than a Raspberry Pi itself, since it should be so as to expand the ports along one side of the case. In any case, it’s still much littler than most work stations.

One fascinating structure decision? The force button is on a similar side as the ports — which implies that you’ll have to reach behind the PC to turn it on or off (expecting you need to consider the side your links come up short on the back).

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