Best Sites To Check Internet Speed In 2020

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A super-quick internet connection is everybody’s inward wish these days. Indeed, internet access is so significant in the present time different nations have made it a key ideal for its residents.

Truly, there could be a significant distinction between the download speed claimed by your ISP and what you really get during commonsense utilization. At the point when you’re only perusing through websites, it’s difficult to figure whether you’re getting what you paid for. Numerous websites will work fine and dandy at normal internet speeds.

Here are the two tips before you run the test:

  1. Mood killer any downloads or uploads you have going on your system
  2. Deactivate your VPN software for the length of the test

Both add a ton of overhead to the connection. You will get a more precise perusing if the main traffic to the internet and back is from the test you’re performing.

That is the place you need great best internet speed test apps and sites to test internet speed. They can ascertain the genuine download and upload speeds you’re jumping on your device. In any case, you ought to consider that there are various variables that can influence your internet speed. Here, I have recorded the absolute best websites to check internet speed on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Note: Before you do the speed test, ensure no other app or device is devouring your internet data transfer capacity to get the best outcomes.

Here are some of the best sites to check internet speed in 2020

1. Google Stadia Speed Test

Platform: Web

In the event that a dependable download speed test tool is all you need, at that point you should attempt the Google Stadia speed test tool. As you would know, Google’s yearning gaming service requires a super-quick internet connection to stream games in 4K.

Google Stadia Speed Test

At least 10 Mbps is needed to run Stadia games in 720p and for 4K with 5.1 channel encompass sound, it ought to surpass 35 Mbps. That is the reason Google has set up this speed test tool so users can know whether their internet connection is able enough for Stadia. Google has joined forces with the Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to give this tool.


Platforms: Web, Android, iOS is a free organization speed test app developed by the streaming monster Netflix. Try not to pass judgment on it by the moderate UI, it offers some significant subtleties other than your download speed. Internet Speed Test

As of recently, the Netflix speed test app just determined download speeds. However, as more individuals began utilizing it, Netflix included help for upload speeds too. As an or more point over the Ookla Speedtest, Fast additionally figures emptied inactivity which is the dormancy when individuals on your LAN are utilizing the internet.

It very well may be useful information for gamers and gorge watchers. All other speed test tools on this rundown give emptied idleness numbers.

3. Speedtest.Net

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, CLI

Much the same as Google is for web crawlers, Speedtest by Ookla is the most famous stage where you can check the internet speed of your broadband connection. Its apps for Android and iOS presently accompany an inherent free Speedtest VPN service too.

Speedtest Internet Speed Test

What makes it the greatest service of its sort are the huge amounts of Speedtest servers spread over the world. That is on the grounds that the physical separation of the worker can make contrasts in the speed and inactivity, particularly, when one is on a VPN.

Speedtest by Ookla offers native apps for all the significant platforms and you can test your internet speed utilizing the command line also.


Platform: Web

An internet speed test measures the connection speed and nature of your associated device to the internet. It does as such by running various back to back tests that investigate various parts of your internet connection, ping, download speed, and upload speed.

Every one of these qualities speaks to the connection’s particular characteristics, which you can peruse more about in the section after the following. These should assist you with understanding the last speed test results. In any case, before we get to these, we first need to examine how to play out each test.

Check your internet speed with in just 3 easy steps:

  1.  Open your browser and visit
    Best Sites To Check Internet Speed In 2020
  2. Click the start button to check your internet speed test.
    How To Check Internet Speed
  3. And it’s done, your internet speed result is here.
    Top 10 sites To Check Internet Speed in 2020

5. Verizon Speed Test

Platforms: Web

The US-based biggest telecom company Verizon has additionally made a speed test tool for the users of its Fios fiber service. Be that as it may, others can likewise utilize it to check the speed of their internet connection.

Verizon Internet Speed Test 

The Verizon speed test tool can be gotten to by visiting the site of the telecom goliath. One issue the users will confront is that the organization has put geo-limitations on it.

6. Xfinity Speed Test

Platforms: Web

For the users of the Xfinity, Comcast offers a free tool to check internet speed on PC just like cell phones. Nonetheless, it tends to be utilized with no issues by different users also.

Xfinity Internet Speed Test 

Just like, the Xfinity speed test tool is likewise honored with an outwardly appealing user interface. It shows the full information data on how the internet speed is estimated and tips to improve their online experience.


You have to know whether you are getting what you paid for with regards to your internet connection, and we trust that the above sites assist you with understanding what you’re searching for, regardless of what it is. You may need to attempt a couple of choices and you will need to control your condition as most ideal as, however, we guarantee the data is justified, despite all the trouble when settling on choices for your office or family.

We hope to refresh this rundown, later on, so we will consistently be watchful should a superior choice emerge or one of the above sites not, at this point be accessible or satisfy our demanding guidelines. We trust that the above data furnish you with any data you may require and trust that you discover the internet connection you merit.

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