Are you eligible to get a free Google Nest Mini with YouTube subscription

YouTube Premium subscribers can get themselves a smart speaker (Google Nest Mini) for free.

Google is, again, giving ceaselessly free Nest Mini speakers – this time around the deal is for YouTube Premium subscribers.

Are you eligible to get a free Google Nest Mini with YouTube Premium subscription
Get a free Google Nest Mini with YouTube Premium subscription | Image: Chromeunboxed

A year ago, Google collaborated with Spotify to offer clients a free Google Home Mini yet this time it’s keeping the deal in-house. What’s more, the good news is that it’s the most recent Mini smart speaker from the hunt monster.

The giveaway is accessible for YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, and Google Play Music subscribers and it’s super easy to check whether you’re eligible: basically click this link.

The 2019 Mini followed in the steps of the Home Hub range, by adopting the Nest branding; clearly Google is putting the entirety of its smart home techs under the Nest banner.

The design is pretty much equivalent to the more established Home Mini, with that familiar fabric covering and puck-shaped form factor.

In any case, while the huge changes are found inside the smart speaker. You presently have a visual indicator on both sides to show where the volume up/down physical touchpoints are, either side of the familiar capacitive touch panel that sits upfront.

One tiny, however super useful tasteful change is that on the rear of the Mini there’s currently a screw mount incorporated with the base, making it a lot easier to wall-mount the speaker.

The audio quality is observably better gratitude to an improved amplifier and the Nest Mini packs in a machine learning chip to make the Google Assistant quicker and smarter than any time in recent memory, and there’s currently a third microphone up top, which makes the Assistant substantially less prone to mishear you, particularly in noisy conditions.