4K SFR Box offers and Test, and Review in 2020

SFR is marketing a new internet box in its ADSL and Fiber offers. Called Box Plus or 4K SFR Box, it offers more efficient WiFi and the latest generation UHD decoder. Since 2017, it has permanently replaced the old Neufbox 6 and its evolving decoder. What should we think of the 4K SFR box? Here is our complete guide to this box and the operator’s offers.

Box 4K SFR: presentation of equipment

Since 2017, SFR has offered its 4K box in its entire catalog of ADSL and Fiber offers. It is made up of two boxes: the “Box Plus” modem, which is placed vertically, and the “Plus decoder”. SFR was inspired by its THD 4K box, available on the FTTLa cable network from Numéricable, for design.

The modem of the box allows you to reach speeds of 1 Gb/s with Fiber. In addition, it has an enriched WiFi 5, and numerous TV antennas to increase the range of the signal in your home. As for the decoder, it benefits, in addition to 4K, from very practical functionalities: Start Over (restart a program from the beginning), recording in the cloud, applications (YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video…). We will detail all this in the rest of the article.

In addition to the Box Plus, SFR also markets another internet box. Called SFR Box 8, it offers WiFi 6, a brand new TV interface, a speaker connected with Amazon Alexa, and OK SFR… Available for € 7 per month in the operator’s ADSL and Fiber offers, you can read our test and full opinion on the SFR Box 8.

SFR Box: entry-level offer from € 15 / month

SFR offers a cheap internet box, the SFR Box. On promotion until July 13, this internet package is available for only € 15 / month in ADSL and € 15 / month in Fiber for one year. After the 12th month of subscription, the price is 33 € / month with ADSL and 35 € / month with Fiber.

Despite its low price, this internet subscription is indeed a triple play offer, with the internet, telephone, and television. The SFR Box includes a broadband internet connection and even very high speed with SFR Fiber. Customers also benefit from the SFR TV package with 160 channels, as well as unlimited fixed-line telephony.

Description of the offer:

  1. Broadband Internet ADSL, and very high speed up to 500 MB/s with Fiber
  2. 160 TV channels with a 4K decoder.
  3. Calls to landlines in France and to 110 destinations

SFR Box Power: a complete box from 23 € / month

Are you looking for an internet offer with more speeds and services? SFR offers you its Power Box, for a promotional price of € 23 / month in ADSL and € 25 / month in Fiber, for 12 months. After this period, the price will be € 40 / month for ADSL and € 45 / month for Fiber. The offer is valid until July 13.

The SFR Power Box combines the speed of Fiber Optics with Ultra High Definition 4K and its sublimated images. With this offer, you benefit from an ultra-fast connection, up to 1 Gb/s in Fiber optics. Add to that the SFR TV Power package and its 200 channels, including 8 exclusive channels, and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles.

  1. ADSL broadband Internet, and very high speed up to 1 Gb/s with Fiber
  2. 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder.
  3. Calls to landlines in France and to 110 destinations + to mobiles in France

SFR Box Premium: the ultimate offer with WiFi repeater and 4G key

For the most demanding, SFR offers an exceptional internet box: the SFR Box Premium. The latter provides many additional services and advantages over the Box Power. Premium offer, of course, but no luxury price. Currently on promotion, take advantage of the best SFR box for € 33 / month in ADSL, and € 35 / month in Fiber optic, for 1 year. The promo is valid for any subscription before July 13. Then, the price will be € 50 / month for ADSL and € 53 / month for Fiber.

In addition to all the services of the Powerbox, the Premium offer includes a 4G 30 GB key, to connect your PC via WiFi while on the go. Take advantage of 1 TB of storage on SFR Cloud, a second TV decoder on demand, SFR Security, and 24-hour technical customer service. Regarding telephony, SFR adds calls to mobiles in Europe.

  1. ADSL broadband Internet, and very high speed up to 1 Gb / s with Fiber
  2. 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder.
  3. Calls to landlines in France and to 110 destinations + to mobiles in Europe
  4. 30 GB 4G key, 1 TB SFR Cloud, SFR Security
  5. 24-hour technical customer service

Internet: WiFi AC, speed up to 1 Gb / s with the 4K Box

Modem Box Plus SFR

  • Latest generation WiFi AC for extended coverage
  • Fast speeds and multiple Ethernet ports allow multiple devices to be connected simultaneously

Are you looking for an internet box with powerful WiFi and (very) fast speed? The 4K SFR box meets your criteria. Celle has high- performance WiFi, using the latest AC standard. This ensures speeds as high as with an Ethernet connection, and improved coverage of your home (compared to an old generation or low-end box).

The 4K box is also distinguished by its connection power. Thanks to SFR’s Fiber Optics, it is possible to reach up to 1 Gb / s when going down and 500 Mb/s when going up. If you are not eligible for Fiber, the SFR Box 4K allows a broadband connection by ADSL or VDSL.

Are you used to traveling? Would you like to be able to have WiFi during your vacation? The SFR box Premium offer includes a 4G hotspot of 30 GB per month. Easy to configure, it allows you to connect all your devices via WiFi when you are not at home.

A complete TV package with exclusive channels

The SFR Box offer includes more than 160 TV channels and services. Among these channels, there are those of TNT, regional, as well as a selection of thematic channels. Most of the channels are in high definition and have a Replay service.

4K SRF Box, SRF Box TV

The SFR Box Power package adds 40 additional channels or a bouquet of 200 channels. The TV Power package notably includes 8 exclusive channels.

4K quality image

As its name suggests, the SFR decoder is compatible with 4K. You can thus enjoy an image quality 4 times higher than HD, on compatible programs.

Two linear channels in UHD quality are broadcast on SFR decoders: RMC Sport 1 UHD with Champions League matches, and the TF1 4K event chain. In addition, the YouTube apps, Netflix, and Amazon Prime offer a wide selection of 4K content. If you have a Canal + subscription, you will also be able to access the Canal + UHD channel.

YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video on your TV

The 4K Box of SFR embeds the YouTube application. So watch your favorite videos big on your TV. At any time, you can broadcast a YouTube video on the decoder from your mobile, thanks to the Cast function.

Do you have a Netflix or Prime Video subscription? These two services are also available on the SFR decoder. You just need to enter your identifiers on the dedicated application of the box.

  1. TV options
    SFR customers can benefit from very advantageous rates on media content edited by the operator. This is “Plus”, which you can add to enrich your package:
  2. RMC Sport
    Champions League, Premier League, French Basketball, extreme, and combat sports…
    € 9 / month for SFR customers instead of € 19
    SFR Ciné Séries
    The best of cinema, movies and unlimited series
    € 4 / month for SFR customers instead of € 10

The functionalities of the 4K SFR decoder

The Restart

Did you miss the start of your program? With the Restart feature or Start Over, start it again from the beginning. The content you were watching then starts again. The channels benefiting from Restart are those of TF1, M6 France Télévisions (France 2, 3, 4, etc.), Bein Sport, OCS, Ciné +, RMC Sport, etc.

Cloud Recording

As on all internet boxes, the 4K box from SFR allows you to record a TV program, to consult it later or watch it from a smartphone.

SFR differs from other operators, however, since the 4K decoder does not have a hard drive or SD card. Indeed, the recording is done directly in the cloud.

Voice Control

The remote control, delivered with the decoder of the 4K box from SFR, has the particularity of having a microphone. The latter simply allows you to control the television by voice, thanks to a voice command functionality.

Thanks to the voice command, it is possible to change channels, launch a replay, open a VOD or even schedule a recording simply by voice.

SFR is not the first to offer a voice command: Bouygues Télécom and its Bbox Ultym, like the Freebox Mini 4K, use Google Assistant with Android TV.

Available from just € 15 / month, the 4K SFR Box is an internet box with excellent value for money. It offers very powerful internet speeds thanks to fiber optics and has very good quality WiFi. Regarding television, this box has serious advantages to assert. In addition to being compatible with ultra high definition 4K, the SFR box offers a wide choice of TV channels and options, as well as many services.

The advantages of the 4K SFR box:

  1. Data rates up to 1 Gb / s
  2. Very fast WiFi
  3. 4K compatible decoder
  4. Over 160 TV channels
  5. Offers from € 15 / month

Also, if you are looking for an attractive offer with quality equipment, we can only recommend the SFR solution. Take advantage now, the ADSL and Fiber offers from SFR are on promotion.