Our Team

Bill – Editor

Email: billosmith@miniamazon.co.uk

I am the Editor at miniAmaZon. I love to share the latest updates on trending news and write about what’s going around the world.

Wilson – Author

Email: [email protected]

I work as the Content Writer in miniamazon. I play Quake like professionally. I love to write about Shopping Trends, Sports and have been writing about them for two years.

Monse – Author

Email: [email protected]

I am the main reporter at miniAmazon. I like to collect the latest information about what’s trending in the online shopping world. I am working as a reporter for three years.

Now and loves to provide the best guidelines for shopping to others.

Robinson – Author

Email: [email protected]

I am the author of miniamazon and loves to write about what’s trending in the world.