In a short time, a landslide clears eight houses into the ocean

In a short time, an avalanche clears eight houses into the ocean (Video)

In northern Norway, a square of land a few hundred meters wide has cleared eight houses into the ocean. As the photos appear, this is a totally marvelous landslide. While different landslides followed the main, the episode, luckily, didn’t guarantee any casualties. As the Norwegian media NRK clarified on June 3, 2020, the nation encountered … Read more

World Turtle Day 2020: All You Should Need to Know About

World Turtle Day 2020 - All You Should Need to Know About-min

World Turtle Day 2020: World Turtle Day is seen on May 23. The day is celebrated to make people mindful of turtle and tortoise and their habitats. This year is the twentieth anniversary of World Turtle Day. Consistently since 2000, American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), a philanthropic organization established in 1990, sponsors the festivals for World … Read more