Release Date: ‘The Walking Dead World Beyond’

The Walking Dead World Beyond fans have had to cope with two different delays to shows in the franchise. First, The Walking Dead properly announced that its season 10 finale was not ready to air in its intended time slot on AMC due to delays caused by the novel coronavirus. Then, they also announced that spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond would also not be airing on April 16, when it was due to be broadcast straight after the season finale of the original show.

This was announced on the TWDWorldBeyond Twitter page on March 20. The statement read: “The Walking Dead: World Beyond is moving its premiere date from Sunday, April 12th to later this year. Follow her for more updates.”

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AMC, however, has not revealed exactly why World Beyond has been delayed, and the show is believed to have completed filming. However, there are a number of reasons why the network may have chosen to delay the new spin-off.

walking dead spin off

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ has been delayed until further notice AMC

It may be that post-production on the later episodes was not completed, so AMC decided to delay the show until the entire thing was ready. This notably is why The Walking Dead proper is not airing its last episode, as revealed in a Twitter post by AMC that read: “Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete post-production of The Walking Dead Season 10 finale.”

According to a post shared by The Walking Dead on Twitter from VFX expert Greg Nicotero, post-production is usually ready three weeks before an episode airs. This means that in theory the episode will be ready fairly soon after shelter-at-home starts to get lifted.

Another reason World Beyond is not airing in April could be because the show is linked in some way to the Season 10 TWD finale. Some shows choose to start their spin-offs with what is called a “backdoor pilot,” an episode on the main show that introduces some of the characters of the sequel. If this is the case with World Beyond, then fans will not get the spin-off until the Walking Dead finale is ready.

However, it is possible that World Beyond is being delayed until the fall. With production shut down on nearly every TV show filmed in the U.S., Season 11 of Walking Dead will unlikely to be ready in October, when the series usually airs. As such, AMC may choose to fill that gap with World Beyond, meaning that fans will not get to see the series until the start of October.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is coming soon to AMC.

Credit: Newsweek