Hamilton, the musical movie is on Disney+ now

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Hamilton, the musical movie is on Disney+ now: Whether you expect it or not, you no longer have to do it: the revolutionary Broadway musical blockbuster, Lynn-Manuel Miranda, who received the Tony Award, Hamilton is now available at Disney.

I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than hosting a virtual surveillance party in Hamilton, so all you need to do here is make sure that your fellow # Ham4Ham fans are happy with the good selection of Co-View browser. An extension for sharing fun bonus content.

Ham Ham Milton time How long does Disney come to Australia?

My friends, the wait is over. Starting at 5:00 p.m. EST, Hamilton is now ready to air on Disney. If you haven’t had a chance to see the trailer yet, take a look now to get excited.

Watch is Hamilton on Disney Plus

Make sure everyone has Disney

First, the bad news: while most streaming services offer a free trial period of a few weeks or months, Disney recently ended its free trial offer for new subscribers.

That said, $ 9 for a standard monthly plan and $ 90 for an annual subscription isn’t really a bad deal – and if you don’t really want to see Hamilton, you’ll always cancel after the primary month. Register here if you wish. (Disney is betting that you will be back, however – they will launch this $ 75-75 million acquisition on the streaming service in the first place.)

Oh, and you can also share accounts – each Disney account can have up to seven different profiles and four simultaneous connections, so if you keep it private, you can do it with just one subscription (for now – crack the Mouse Threats to occur. Sharing passwords in the future).

Go behind the scenes

There is no reason for your evening in Hamilton to end with a curtain call. Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece is a great way to get everyone excited about the story – especially the kids – and especially the kids. It contains many behind-the-scenes documents that explore both characters and the real world. To help everyone get the hype or keep the discussion alive after the discussion, why not share these links in your watch group text chat? (I have also included tangibly linked goodies.)

  1. “Hamilton’s America”: In this series of 10 short videos examining various aspects of the life and epoch of the title figure, PBSA has collected numerous documents from Hamilton, Man, and the series. You can see it all on the PBS website. (Content Australians may need a VPN to access this content.)
  2. Lynn-Manuel Miranda presents at the White House: the writer/composer/composer from Hamilton has been working on the production for years – originally conceiving it as a fantastic album – and giving the world a first glimpse of what which will happen in 2009. When he played “The Hamilton Mixtape” at the White House Poetry Jam (of course, President Obama hosted the White House Poetry Jam). You can watch a video of this performance on YouTube; Even in this ancient form, you will be powerless to resist.
  3. In the Heights: A big-screen version of Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s pre-Hamilton musical, In the Heights, was scheduled to open this summer, but has been postponed due to an epidemic. Why didn’t everyone start your evening watching their compelling YouTube trailer? This will put you in the mood for Miranda’s music and prepare your tear duct for the presentation of the feature film.
  4. Sign in 177676: other revolutionary musical instruments, the success of Broadway in 1969 in 1776, serves as a prelude to Hamilton, covering historical events that precede the start of Miranda’s work. One of his songs – most of which are available on YouTube, taken from the 1972 film adaptation – would also be a great performance, if only your guests, let alone Broadway, could be surprised in two different ways when faced with the ‘history. Fortunately, the world was big enough for two musical instruments at the founding of America). I suggest the starting number, “Sit Down, John,” which is really checked in Miranda’s songs.

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