iOS 14 hidden features that will change your life

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APPLE Next to Clips, Picture-in-Picture, or Carkey, iOS 14 hidden features went more unnoticed.

Difficult to remember all the announcements made live during the conference. We especially tend to retain the most exciting information, such as the arrival of Clips, this feature which allows you to partially use the services of an app without having to install it.

iOS 14: Hidden Features You Should Know About

iOS 14 features

1. More careful incoming calls

It may be a detail for you, but for some, this function is a game-changer. The next major iOS update will reduce the size of incoming call notifications. These will no longer be displayed on the entire screen, blocking all activity, but will be limited to a box at the top of the screen. iPhone owners will be able to pick up the call or not from the small window, but also answer or put a message on hold.

ios 14 compact call

2. More careful Siri

Like incoming calls, Apple’s virtual assistant will take up less space on the screen when requested. Enough to allow users to keep an eye on the page on which it was to ask their question to Siri.

iOS 14 Siri New Look and Design

Siri’s responses will then appear as notifications. Thus, they will take up less space on the screen.

Finally, users will be able to send voice messages directly with Siri.

3. A navigation map for cyclists

The next version of iOS will be an opportunity for Maps to update itself and introduce several features. Among these, cyclists will certainly be happy to be able to count on indications adapted to driving a bicycle during a route.

iOS 14 navigation map for cycling

The specific cycling navigation that will avoid having to climb long stairs by pushing your bike will be available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing at first. Other cities will be introduced later.

4. App Library

iOS 14 app library

With iOS 14, Apple offers a new organization of applications. These can be gathered according to their specialty (game, social network, sport, etc.), but also according to their last use. This new organization will also make it easier to search among apps, but also to view them in alphabetical order.

5. The search for emojis

iOS 14 search for emojis

The next iOS update will introduce a search bar on the emoji page. This will allow users to find the perfect emoji to lead a conversation or respond to a situation. To do this, they can simply type in keywords (heart, smiley face) to bring up a selection of emojis likely to match.

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