Facebook SDK Issue: iOS apps crashing (Waze, Nintendo, Spotify, Tinder)

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iOS apps crashing like Waze, Nintendo, Spotify, Tinder, and many more due to the Facebook SDK Issue.

  • Popular iPhone apps including Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and PUBG Mobile are crashing for countless users.
  • The issue is down to a Facebook software developer kit (SDK) embedded in these apps. Facebook recognized on its developer stage that there was an issue with the SDK.
  • Technical issues with Facebook additionally caused a comparative issue in May, coming about in Spotify, Tinder, Venmo, and Bumble all going down.

Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, and a colossal number of other popular apps are now crashing for an enormous number of iOS users, in all likelihood as a result of a Facebook bug.

Facebook SDK Issue iOS apps crashing Waze, Nintendo, Spotify, Tinder,

Just as web-based social networking users posting on Twitter, saw on Friday that the Spotify iPhone application promptly slammed on opening.

Web-based life users spotted comparable issues with Pinterest, Tinder, PUBG Mobile, Mario Kart, and numerous others.

The issues don’t seem, by all accounts, to be influencing Android users.

The issues come from Facebook’s iOS software developer kit (SDK) embedded in a portion of these apps. The SDK permits you to, for instance, sign in to administrations utilizing your Facebook account. Facebook on Friday recognized a bug in its SDK which was “causing some apps to crash.”

An application developer counseled by Business Insider affirmed that Facebook was most likely the reason for the issues. He gave us that specifically dropping traffic going from Spotify’s application to Facebook’s servers permitted Spotify to open and capacity as ordinary.

Spotify recognized issues with its application, composing on its client service account: “Something’s off-key. We’re as of now researching, and we’ll update you as often as possible here!”

PUBG Mobile likewise recognized issues, taking note of that countless games were being affected.

Despite the fact that the specific reason for the blackouts isn’t yet affirmed, early reports recommend the issue is brought about by Facebook’s SDK, which numerous apps use to oversee client logins. Users don’t need to utilize Facebook to sign in to an application for this to influence their software. There are no comparative reports of the equivalent apps crashing on Android gadgets or on the web.

Facebook said on its developer stage today that it was “mindful [of] and researching an expansion in mistakes on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash.” In a string on GitHub posted around 7 AM ET, various developers announced issues with their apps.

A comparable issue including the Facebook SDK happened in May and influenced many apps. The issues were for the most part fixed that equivalent day.

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