Fitbit app adds COVID-19 Resource Hub

Fitbit app: With the coronavirus having an impact on all of us in one way or another, companies around the world are all looking to do their part. And Fitbit is launching a “COVID-19 Resource Hub” into its app on Android and iOS.

Last month, Fitbit already began supporting the millions of folks who were staying at home by launching an extended 90-day trial of their Fitbit App Premium subscription. This allows folks to access a swath of Premium-only exercise routines and personalized health insights.

Expanding on that, today, Fitbit has formally launched a new tab in their app dedicated to resources you can take advantage of to stay in good health. Alongside easy access to the latest information from the World Health Organization, Fitbit’s COVID-19 Resource Hub includes things like the “Clean Cues” watch face, which reminds you to wash your hands regularly.

  • New clock faces, like the Clean Cues clock face, for Fitbit smartwatches that offer a friendly reminder and timer for washing your hands
  • Motivational reminders to take breaths, stretch, and move, with Reminders to Move
  • Advanced sleep tools and insights
  • Mindfulness breaks, through our Relax guided breathing exercises or sessions via Premium
  • Nutrition tips and healthy habits
  • Ways to connect with others to stay motivated as a part of our global Fitbit community

Additionally, Fitbit is going to continue to use anonymized and aggregated health information to gain and share insights into how their community is responding to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the company has already shared how COVID-19 has caused many of us to sleep longer and move less.

For now, the COVID-19 Resource Hub is only available on devices set to English in one of 16 countries, though more languages and countries should be launching in the coming weeks.

Credit: 9to5Google