Paris Was Born Today (8 July) In 70 BC

Paris is said to have been founded in 60 BC Was done. At that time a tribe called the Parisians had settled on an island on the river Seine. At that time France was inhabited by Gol tribes. Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor, conquered the area in 58 BC and renamed it Luticia.

In Latin, it means a population that lives in the middle of the water. Gradually the population began to spread, and Luticia’s name was changed to Paris.

City Streets of Paris
Image: Unsplash

In the year 6, Paris officially became the capital of France. As the city expanded, so did intellectuals on the west bank of the Seine, and merchants on the east bank.

Art & Science In Paris
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Art and science flourished in Paris during the French Renaissance from the 1st century to the 19th century. Claude Monet and Pierre Gustav Renvar are still considered to be some of the world’s foremost artists. The Eiffel Tower, located in Paris, the capital of France, is the world’s most famous symbol.