The new Doom Eternal skin makes the Archvile into a barista

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Doom Eternal‘s newest in-game event lets you earn what is in fact one of the most absurd video game skins I have ever seen. The skin is for “Hipster Archvile,” which makes the archvile into a coffee-slinging barista straight out of 2014. It is very strange and I love it. Salvador Dali would look at this and say “Yep, that’s surreal as heck. That’s one of ours, right there. We’ll take it.”

Launched April 16th, the Doom Eternal Coffee & Camo update is the newest season of content for Doom Eternal, and lasts until May 14th.

The Coffee & Camo update also includes a toad-looking Cacodemon skin and a camo Doom Slayer. Doom Eternal has ditched the idea of paid seasons in favor of lower-key, regular injections of cool stuff to play with. You can unlock the new stuff by just playing the game however you want. You can get them faster by doing the objectives on the home screen. Novel, I know.

Here’s a little more, from March, about Doom Eternal’s free in-game events, which are kind of like a battle pass but you don’t pay for it and that is good:

Credit: PC Gamer

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