System Shock remake alpha demo launched for PC

Nightdive Studios’ remake of System Shock remake has some ways to go yet, yet you can download a playable demo on Steam and GOG at this moment. Fans of the classic game can get a glimpse at how Nightdive Studios is dealing with the remake.

System Shock remake alpha demo launched for PC
System Shock remake alpha demo launched for PC | Image:

New Demo Available for PC

Gamers last got an opportunity to get a first-hand see System Shock during The Game Awards 2019. Notwithstanding, this time around, players will approach the entirety of the unlockable weapons while they navigate the Medical Bay of Citadel Station. In addition, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick hosted a walkthrough of the demo that you can look at below.

In the demo, Kick takes the players through a 40-minute walkthrough of the start of the game. There is a lot of inventory management, bashing robots with pipes, and red-eyed cameras. Despite the fact that I haven’t played the latest demo, I spent two or three hours with the demo released in December, and there are eminent improvements since that time.

As indicated by Nightdive Studios, the System Shock remake will stay dedicated to the classic style, story, and gameplay of the original. At the same time, the remake will include another look and feel to the game. The previous demo was just available temporarily, yet there isn’t any word if the same is valid for this new one.

Gracious, and the original voice entertainer of SHODAN, Terri Brosius, came back to loan her voice to the remake.

System Shock 3

The System Shock remake isn’t the main late news about the franchise. Last week, we revealed that Chinese conglomerate Tencent is presently associated with Otherside Entertainment, developers of the long-fermenting System Shock 3. The declaration followed a string of appalling news from Otherside Entertainment, so it’s acceptable to realize the studio arrived on its feet. Also, it’s useful for fans of the series, as well, since we have two new System Shock entries to anticipate later on.