Persona 4 Golden for PC is now available on Steam

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Persona 4 Golden for PC is now available on Steam (Japanese Ovi included)

Iconic RPG that once P.S. Vita was the golden boy, officially launched on PC by Steam.

Developer/publisher Atlus has officially launched the PC version of Persona 4 Golden, the iconic JRPG of the long-running franchise. The leaks appeared through the Steam database earlier in the week, but are now official: the X Place Station exclusive X, now resides on the new platform. The Steam page for P4G has just been put online.

Persona Golden Golden (2016) is a redemption version of the original Persona released, which was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2008. This new PC port has graphics options to make the game visually more beautiful than before – there are resolution options, anisotropic filtering, resolution scale, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing. The game will also work at very high frame rates.

The main feature that was not in the original version of P4G on the Vita: Japanese voiceover. Although the sound distribution in English was excellent and brought these characters to life, this is the first time that a Western game can be found in Japanese.

Otherwise, the remaining P4G remains intact. But, most importantly, this emotional roller coaster of the game is accessible to a very wide audience, as P.S. Vita (and PSTV) is an abandoned platform.

Like the most recent entry in the Persona 3 and Persona 5 series, the P4G beautifully merges social simulation gameplay, RPG dungeon research, and turn-based combat. You will connect with characters who will fight side by side because of his sincere history and his method of social bonding, which sinks deeper into his personality and makes him stronger in battle.

Instead of living in the big city of Tokyo, you live in a rural town called Inaba when you are mapping out your daily life. You’ll go to school, hang out with friends, merge war characters, and explore the mysterious world of television to solve serial murders… and help your friends continue their true endeavors. Screenshots of the identity PC version can be seen below.

You can get Persona 4 Golden on PC for D 20 USD for the standard version and $ 25 for the deluxe digital version via Steam, which includes a digital artbook and soundtrack. To learn more about the game, don’t forget to read my article which celebrated the 10th anniversary of Persona 4 and saw what made it possible due to such an impressive game. You can also check out the latest game in the series that came out earlier this year with a review of Persona 5 Royal.

Review: Persona 4 Golden Download for PC


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