Is the Latest Steam Hit Valheim Worth Buying?

Valheim has been in the center of attention recently, and many players are wondering what all the hype is about. Valheim is a procedurally-generated survival game that surprised many people by selling two million copies in just 13 days. During that time, Iron Gate Studio’s latest title reach a peak of 360,000 players.

The shocking thing is that Valheim is made by a very small team of five people and it is published by Coffee Stain on February 2, 2021.

The moment you wake up in Valheim in the middle of several stones, you are provided with a basic tutorial, which is expected by most games, especially in the survival genre.

The tutorial is actually good for giving you all the information you need such as, how to eat, how to harvest basic resources, and how to build a shelter.

At the first point, it sounds just like any other survival game, but as you start to dig deeper, you’ll definitely be surprised by how deep each system is and how much more diverse they become once you discover new worlds and materials.

Valheim is a survival game that is made using inspiration by combining the Legend of Zelda and Minecraft.

Even though this game sold two million copies in few days, you shouldn’t expect realistic graphics like the NBA 2K21 where you can see the pores on the skin of the athletes in The TwinSpires Edge NBA betting odds. With Valheim the situation is a bit different. The graphics are slightly pixeled which the developers say that was made on purpose.

In the beginning, you start as a Viking warrior chosen by Odin and you have to survive in Valheim and proceed with your mission to purge the five Forsaken from Valheim.

You have to find resources that can be used to build shelter, weapons, and outfits that will help you on your mission. While battling the Foresaken bosses is the primary objective of the game, you still have to survive on the land.

It is worth mentioning that you won’t have all the crafting recipes right from the start. You have to discover certain ingredients, which are dropped by more challenging enemies and creatures in Valheim.

Is Valheim any Good?

Even though we’ve seen many survival games in the past, it seems like Valheim has the perfect formula. You have to repeat the process of finding new ingredients, building new crafting stations, or upgrades to your gear until you fulfill your mission.

Additionally, they accented the importance of travel since most of the areas are surrounded by water.

The process is great just because you start with nothing in numerous locations. When you first launch the game, you’ll likely find a good place to settle down, craft materials, and build your home.

However, after defeating the first and second boss, you’ll be able to explore the entire area and find more locations even across the sea.

When you arrive at a different location, you start the process all over again but the only thing that changed is that you already have the tools and materials for the job.

Is Valheim Worth Buying?

Currently, Valheim costs $20 on Steam, and even though it is a fairly cheap game compared to others, it offers a lot for the money. For example, the exploration world is vast and cannot be fully explored even after 60 hours of playing.

Additionally, the game is still in early access which means that it will be much better after the next stages of the developing process.

This is an online Co-Op game for 1-10 players and a single-player mode. This means that you’ll get a chance to play with your friends and get some help when defeating bosses, building houses, and harvesting materials.

Unfortunately, Valheim is currently only available for PC players on Steam. However, thanks to its massive popularity, it wouldn’t surprise us if we see this game for PlayStation or Xbox in near future.