GOG Summer Sale Discounts with Game Demos Prey, Metro Exodus

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GOG Summer Sale Discounts with Game Demos Prey, Metro Exodus

GOG summer sale discounts have been officially commenced today, and it's easily the DRM-free digital distribution platform's biggest event...

GOG summer sale discounts have been officially commenced today, and it’s easily the DRM-free digital distribution platform’s biggest event yet. Instead of offering up heavy discounts alone of which there is bounty, we can assure you. GOG is raising the stakes this year with playable demos, publisher bundles, and all-new, big-budget DRM-free game additions.

GOG Summer Sale Discounts with Game Demos Prey, Metro Exodus, and more

There’s a great deal to get amped up for here, however, we’ll start with the game demos. There will be seven altogether, and each is expected to showcase various parts of an upcoming game. There are demos for the Destroy All Humans! remake, Desperados III, Spiritfarer, the System Shock remake, Carrion, and Cris Tales, Vagrus – The Riven Realms.

In the event that you haven’t known about any of these games previously, presently’s an extraordinary opportunity to give them a shot and see on the off chance that they’ll be some tea on release. Speaking of release, each title will hit GOG on dispatch day, so on the off chance that you like what you see (and play), you’re free to pre-order them from their respective store pages.

Proceeding onward to new releases, GOG is seeing two major additions to its catalog: Metro Exodus and Prey are both showing up on the platform without any strings (or DRM) connected. Metro Exodus is 50 percent off at a simple $20, and Prey is significantly progressively moderate with a 70 percent discount (bringing the price down to $9).

Game releases and demos aside, GOG’s latest Summer Sale is bringing the usual cluster of steep discounts on both new and classic games. For sure, there are more than 3,000 deals altogether, some of which rival what Steam has offered recently. XCom 2, for instance, can be had for $15 at the present time, which is 75 percent off its conventional purchase price.

On the off chance that RPGs are more your speed, Dragon Age: Origins’ Ultimate Edition is just under $5, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is around $22, and nostalgic classic Baldur’s Gate 2 is $10.

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Then, of course, there are the publisher bundles we quickly referenced previously. These fabricate your-own bundles let you choose from a wide assortment of games and pack them into a single discounted order.

In the event that you snag three games in a single group, you’ll get an additional five percent off your order, whereas snatching at least five kicks that discount up to 10 percent. Games you effectively own will check toward these group tiers.

Eight major publishers are as of now taking part in these pack offers, including the likes of Devolver, Paradox Interactive, Activision, Kalypso, Daedalic, and 11-bit studios.

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