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Fortnite spooky TV sets areas: How to annihilate TV sets for Foreshadowing Quest

Fortnite TV Sets Location
Written by miniamazon

Fortnite spooky TV sets Foreshadowing Quest is going live today. The new Foreshadowing Quest requests that players find and obliterating five spooky TV sets littered around the Battle Royale map. Finishing this Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest will remunerate you with 24,000 XP.

The depiction for the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest Line says: “Obliterate spooky TV sets. All unapproved communications should be ended.

“I have a thought where those are coming from…and I don’t care for it.”

You need to discover and annihilate five spooky TV sets to finish the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest, with seven on the guide altogether.

In case you’re battling to discover where the Fortnite spooky TV set guide areas are then don’t stress – is here to help.

We have subtleties on the entirety of the areas of the Fortnite spooky TV sets in this article.

First up, you can look at the picture in this article which gives an outline of the entirety of the Fortnite spooky TV set guide areas.

This picture was shared online by the @FN_Assist Twitter account.

Close by it they tweeted: “Annihilate Spooky TV sets, at different areas, as requested by the secretive Doctor Slone to end every Alien Broadcast!”

This cheat sheet will help you discover the entirety of the Fortnite spooky TV sets you need to finish this test.

In the event that you’re actually battling, you can look at this video from the YouTube channel EveryDay FN.

Also, on the off chance that you need any further information at that point here are subtleties on every area…

Fortnite TV Sets Location how to destroy

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #1 – On a little island that is marginally upper east of Craggy Cliffs

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #2 – Southwest of Coral Castle close to a precipice edge by Fort Crumpet

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #3 – Just north of Holly Hedges by a huge stone in the middle of certain trees

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #4 – Near Dirty Docks, somewhat southwest of that POI you’ll discover another Fortnite spooky TV set by some pine trees

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #5 – West of Lazy Lake, cross the waterway, head up the precipice and you’ll discover the TV set by pine trees once more

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #6 – At a camping area close to the climate station

• Fortnite spooky TV set area #7 – South of Slurpy Swamp, stowed away close to certain trees

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