World of Dance Season 4 Premiere: Contestants Twists, Announcement and more…

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World of Dance Season 4 is shaking up its organization: The NBC competition series returned for Season 4 on Tuesday with a couple of tweaks.

In the first Qualifiers episode, the contestants believe they’re going to audition one final time for producers in a warehouse, however, when they step through the entryway, they’re welcomed by judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough. Instead of making their debut before the trio and viewers on the World of Dance stage, the dancers must presently perform under tension and acquire their direction onto the stage.

World of Dance Season 4 Premiere Contestants Twists, Announcement
World of Dance Season 4 Premiere Contestants Twists, Announcement | Image: Goldderby

Since they had no clue they were going to dance for the judges, that means we need to watch each act’s shocked reaction after seeing the trio. (By the third performance, I was kinda wishing they’d broken the “Surprise! J.Lo, Derek, and Ne-Yo are here!”

Presently how about we quickly overview the first six performers to be stunned by J.Lo’s presence:

  • Before we get to Colombian salsa duo Jefferson y Adrianita’s moves, how about we pause for a minute to absorb the fact that the couple named their baby boy Derek, after Derek Hough. Adult Derek is speechless — however not speechless enough not to give the pair some constructive feedback. J.Lo notes that their footwork needs to be faster, however, they still get three “yes” votes.
  • Vancouver-based youth hip-hop group GRVMNT ends their performance to what feels like tortuously long unbalanced silence from the judges. Still, they show enough promise that J.Lo says “yes,” while Ne-Yo and Derek give them a callback.
  • Contemporary duo Jake and Chau easily win their way to the next round with their exquisite transitions. These two give off the impression of being one to watch.
  • The first “ouch” of the season comes when The Williams Fam, a hip-hop brothers act, fails to get a single “yes” with their social-media influencer moves. Be that as it may, hello, at any rate Derek records a TikTok with them as a splitting gift.
  • Hip-hop duo Bailey and Kida have just been moving together for a couple of weeks — and it shows in their absence of connection. In any case, both are so skilled as individual performers that every one of the three judges moves them along to the duels.
  • And finally, there’s 9-year-old jazz dancer Savannah Manzel, who so blinds the judges with her enormous smile that they shower her with praise before casting a ballot her to the next round. Yes, her strength and dexterity are impressive, however, without a sure beyond-her-years development and musicality, I’m stressed she won’t make it far.

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