Why Goldie Hawn Feels Sad and Cries 3 Times Every Day Amid Pandemic

Goldie Hawn opened about her perspective on this state of the planet in another remote interview, and tears started moving unhampered when she clarified her experience, all things considered.

who is goldie hawn married to
Goldie Hawn with Kurt Russell | Image: RadarOnline

On Thursday, “Good Morning Britain” found Goldie Hawn remotely amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, to listen to how she and long-lasting love Kurt Russell are adapting to social-distancing.

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The 74-year-old actress is blessed that she and Kurt live on a spacious property, and she especially feels appreciative for that during this troublesome time, as she said:

While the present situation amid the pandemic does little to ease dread or nervousness about the future and what will occur straightaway, Goldie makes sure to stay active to stay fit as a fiddle to get rid of undesirable energy.


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Happy birthday baby! Your light still tickles my nose 😘 Lucky me! 💏

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As of late Goldie showed her followers what it resembles to “dance, jump and twirl like no one’s watching,” in a video she posted to social media to the beat of Dua Lipa’s song “Physical” blasting over a speaker out of sight.

Goldie had been moderately tranquil on the silver screen as of late, yet this Christmas, she is set to star in two star-studded films. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell will join again for the next sequel to their hit flick last year “The Christmas Chronicles 2.”

Why Goldie Hawn Feels Sad and Cries 3 Times Every Day Amid Pandemic
Goldie Hawn with Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles 2 | Image: EW

In the second film, which is still in pre-production, Goldie will collaborate again with her “First Wives Club” co-stars Diane Keaton and Bette Midler for a brand new movie called “Family Jewels.”

Until the status of the pandemic changes, Goldie Hawn should be content with dancing at home to keep the stress levels down. Not that Kurt minds when his long-lasting accomplice shakes her goods around the house.

As indicated by reports, Kurt finds Goldie’s dance moves “irresistible,” and the couple seems to keep their spark alive much in the wake of being together for almost four decades.