Fujifilm X Series integrates webcam tool support with MacOS

Last month, we reported on Fujifilm and its rollout of functionality for some of its Fujifilm X Series mirrorless cameras that turned them into Windows 10 PC or laptop webcams.

At the time, this feature was only available on the company’s flagship cameras, as well as limited to Windows 10, but some additions are insight.

To this, Fujifilm added the X-T200 (photo above) and the X-A7 to this list of X series cameras, with firmware updates already available for download.

Fujifilm X Series integrates webcam tool support with MacOS
Fujifilm X Series integrates webcam tool support with macOS | Image: Theverge

But perhaps most importantly, webcam functionality will soon be transferred to MacOS and won’t be limited to Windows 10 only. Fujifilm says this will happen in mid-July, although there is no final deployment date mentioned at this point.

“We are pleased to announce the event of the FUJIFILM X webcam for macOS computers. The macOS version is expected to be released in mid-July 2020,” said the company in a blog post.

Hopefully, when that happens, even more, mirrorless cameras, as well as compact options, will be added, if they have the right specifications.

For now, the list of X Series mirrorless cameras that can be configured as webcams on Windows 10 via USB connection is as follows:

  1. X-H1
  2. X-Pro2
  3. X-Pro3
  4. X-T2
  5. X-T3
  6. X-T4
  7. X-T200
  8. X-A7
  9. GFX100
  10. GFX 50S
  11. GFX 50R.

With most press conferences and meetings taking place almost at this time, using an appropriate camera to improve video quality may be welcome.

Either way, it’s clear that Fujifilm and Canon are using lock and quarantine to find other ways to use mirrorless cameras.