President Trump honors ‘our extraordinary first woman’ as Melania turns 50

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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump and the primary woman unveiled a joint appearance to pay tribute to Arbor Day. Presently they have another exceptional event to check: Melania Trump’s birthday.

The primary woman turned 50 years of age on Sunday, April 26, provoking her celebrated spouse, 73, to send a short-however sweet birthday welcoming through — what else? — Twitter.

The Slovenian-conceived mother of one likewise got a unique message from the authority White House Twitter account, which highlighted a choice of photographs from her Be Best mission and ventures.

As Americans cover at home, the birthday young lady is required to keep her own festivals close within reach. The primary woman will go through the day with her family at the White House, her head of staff, and previous White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham disclosed to Fox Business.

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In the interim, her oldest stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump, likewise offered recognition with a photograph taken at an introduction ball in 2017.


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