Wrestlemania 36: Every Title Change At The 2020 WWE Event

Stephanie McMahon opened 2020’s Wrestlemania 36 with an invitation/warning: what we are about to witness is a very different sort of Wrestlemania than what we’re used to: A tiny arena, pre-taped matches, and no one but Rob Gronkowski to cheer the wrestlers on. Wrestlemania is here, come hell or high water, and though it may … Read more

Wrestlemania 36: Undertaker And AJ Styles’ Boneyard Match

Wrestlemania 36 – Matt Hardy left WWE earlier this year to pursue his career in AEW. But even though he’s no longer with the company, his influence still lingers. Case in point: Wrestlemania 36‘s “Boneyard Match” between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. Rather than closing the first night of Wrestlemania with the title match between … Read more

A Water Bottle Has Been Discovered In The Oscar-Winning Movie Little Women

The plastic water bottle strikes again. After a water bottle (and a coffee cup) snuck into episodes of Game of Thrones in 2019, a plastic water bottle has now been discovered in the background of a scene from Greta Gerwig’s Oscar-winning drama Little Women. Little Women super-fan Madelyn Rancourt posted a video on TikTok where … Read more

Watch The First Nine Minutes Of Bad Boys For Life Right Now

While the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak has led to the delay of many movies, it has meant that some films have been released to digital platforms earlier than expected. The successful action sequel Bad Boys for Life wasn’t expected to arrive on video-on-demand for at least another month, but it can now be watched at home. … Read more

Netflix’s The Witcher Season 1 Ending Explained

The Witcher Season 1: We weren’t crazy about the confusing way Netflix’s Witcher series was structured, but there was still plenty to enjoy in the adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s original short stories and books. Chief among those things: the characters themselves, not to mention the actors who played them. But what happened to Geralt of … Read more

Destiny 2 bound manacle: The Gatehouse to finish the essence of destiny

Destiny 2 bound manacle

The Destiny 2 Bound Manacle is a hidden merchandise present in The Destiny 2 Gatehouse crucial for finishing the Essence of Madness quest. However in contrast to Shadowkeep’s different hidden objects, just like the Withered Plumes or Ethereal Charms, the Certain Manacle is definitely the reward for killing a comparatively simple miniboss close to the Hellmouth zone. … Read more

New Mark Wahlberg Netflix Movie Gets First Trailer, Featuring Post Malone

The first trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg action movie Spenser Confidential has arrived, and it promises to be a high-octane action-comedy buddy cop movie. Wahlberg stars as Spenser, a former Boston police officer who is “better known for making trouble than solving it.” After getting out of prison, Spenser plans to leave Boston forever. … Read more

Star Trek: Short Treks Trailer Drops For “Children Of Mars” Ahead Of Picard Series Release

While we’re a few weeks away from Star Trek: Picard hitting CBS All Access on January 23, a new Short Treks will be hitting the streaming service very soon. Titled “Children of Mars,” a new trailer for the short film arrived ahead of its January 9 release. “Children of Mars” will be the 10th episode … Read more